Autumn 2007 Columbus Toy Show

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Toy Show - We weren't dealers this time.

I was going to do this in-depth review of Transformers available at the Columbus Toys and Collectibles show today but there was absolutely nothing unexpected there.

Nothing at all.

Yup folks! Today was the Autumn Cowtown Toy Show at Vets Memorial and this time, Giga and I weren't dealers. The whole house situation hasn't given us a single amount of time to devote to the plastic crack of transformer or super hero variety so we just stopped by since Friend Of The Crack Jack Of All Geeks (JOAG), and Missus Jack Of All Geeks, decided to set up show today and rid their life of excess plastic baggage. I think she may be a bigger toy geek than he is. I never knew she had so much stuff of so many flavors!

Toy Show - Mister and Missus Jack of All Geeks

There was a bit more TF crack there but nothing really outstanding.

In fact, the only unusual stuff I saw were TF Movie 2008 Bumblebees going for $25-$30 and a Voyager Class Movie Megatron that I didn't even know existed.

There was a nice dealer with his wife and/or girlfriend directly behind the JOAG and he had a few things but nothing exactly rare or necessary for the Plastic Crack Collection.

Toy Show - Vintage Doctor Who figures

One dealer had two vintage Doctor Who figures. Alas, the price was a bit beyond what a guy dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new house could splurge on.

There was one dealer there today that I'd never seen before who had perhaps the most shocking display of items I've ever seen there: phenomenal quality vintage 1970s Shogun Warriors figure!!!

Toy Show - Awesome die cast Shogun Warriors

He had the small ones, the die-cast ones, the large ones and many of the crazy accessories that were released. So much Go Ngai and Getter goodness.

I mean these guys were in beautiful shape. Truly beautiful.

I hate to think if I wasn't moving how much I'd have dropped at this table to own the die-cast ones! Especially to complete the Getters since I'm missing Getter 1/Dragun and my others are missing parts.

Toy Show - An incredible selection of 70s Shogun Warriors

It truly made me want to cry that before me were things I so badly wanted in my life again but couldn't buy. Such is the life of an addict of plastic.

So sad.

The crack addiction is definitely moving from TFs to other toys I had back in the 70s.

Toy Show -

No doubt we'll be dealing again in the Spring once things settle down.

I still want to purge the 14,000 comics and I'm thinking around 1700 or so Transformers from the collection.

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Mmmm, Shogun Warriors. My first true toy love. 6" Gaiking is still my favorite toy that I own, ever. I was thinking of touching up his paint, but worry that I would do a poor job.

My Dragun is in okay shape but his axes don't fire. My shorter Shoguns are also in bad shape, for example Combattler V's antennae broke off, well probably 18 years ago. Really the 5-6" ones are where it's at, the shorter ones are the suck.

Shogun Warriors are why I initially had such high hopes for the Titanium Transformers.

Thanks for the nice comments regarding my Shogun Warriors, etc. It's always a pleasure to meet other people with an appreciation of 1970s super robots. Hope to see you in April.

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