Damn TFSource! That's some mighty fine packaging!

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So I gotta say, when TFSource packages something up... man they package something up!

KISS Player Hot Rod arrived today and I can't recall the last time I saw such care taken in packaging up a toy for shipping.

Beware. This post if photo heavy.

TF Source - KISS Hot Rod 1

1. So the box arrived as expected and I opened it up to find all kinds of paper wrapping (above).

TF Source - KISS Hot Rod 2

2. Inside of the box and under the paper is the KISS package totally wrapped in bubble wrap.

ITF Source - KISS Hot Rod 3

3. Now the actual package itself is surrounded by cardboard sheets, with the bubble wrap protecting the previous cargo inside.

TF Source - KISS Hot Rod 5

4. Removing the bubble wrap and the cardboard reveals the KISS Player box (with gratuitous anime vagina shot). But even that box is wrapped in plastic!!!

TF Source - KISS Hot Rod 6

5. After finally removing the plastic wrap one gets to the actual figure!!!

Now I don't know if TakaraTomy actually added the last bit of plastic wrap or if TFSource did it but damn... that's protection!

My Hot Rod is protected from all forms of damage and even a few STDs too!

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TFSource provides superior packaging. When I pre-ordered the Blaster reissue, it came bundled inside a huge roll of thick bubble-wrap, which was then surrounded by a copius supply of styrofoam peanuts.

Compare that to the Beast Wars Returns figures I just got from Japan, which were basically set inside a flimsy box with a small wad of newspaper off to the side of the figures to keep them "secure." It's a miracle they arrived undamaged.

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