G1 Reissue Star Convoy and Micromaster Hot Rod C-372

Posted on January 7, 2006 12:19 AM | Permalink

G1 Reissue Star Convoy and Micromaster Hot Rod

I ended up going in on an auction with Mr. E. He wanted the reissue Galvatron and I've always wanted a Star Convoy so now I have one.

He's kinda boxy as most later G1 figures were.

But I do like is box art!

And I only paid like $58 for him.

Numbers in Collection: 1527, 1528

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The Micromaster Hot Rod is keen.

And he's pretty underwhelming on his own in base mode, but he looks pretty good linked up to about seven other MM bases. It helps if you have another one of those little trailers for his other leg. (speaking on personal experience)

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