G1 Sideswipe Commemorative Series VIII

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November 16, 2005 - Reissue G1 Sideswipe is in da haus!

So Evebird was at KB and actually found something there! Imagine KB having something that isn't overpriced? I know. Hard isn't it.

Seems like the much delayed G1 Sideswipe Reissue figure that never made it to ToysRUs here in the U.S. did indeed make its way a year late to KB for clearance. At only $14.99 this figure is so much cheaper than WeBeToys had the reissues at so I can't complain.

I do however already have the Takara reissue (in much cooler packaging) so I may just open this one.

The art on the box is really perfect and totally sums up Sideswipe's character to me, especially that smirk! Sideswipe was also voiced by one of my favorite voice actors Michael Bell.

Number in Collection: 1466

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At least he's SIDE SWIPE instead of SIDEBLAST, or SIDESWIPE-Z.

Alas, if the rumors are true, his yellow brother will never be rereleased.

Well I never figured he would be with the G1 Reissues being dead and all. And Takara seems to have gone to the higher price point reissues with the bigger figures.

Is the G1 re-issue exactly the same model as the original G1? - Only I've seen one of these for sale but I'm worried it's like the G2 (modelled on the diablo rather than the lamborghini countach)


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