Cybertron Starscream and Cybertron Dark Scorponok

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October 24, 2005 - Cybertron Starscream and Dark Scorponok

Oh what being depressed and reading about a 20% off sale on Transformers will do to someone who is both the lame and also an addict.

Yes. I broke down today after lunch and ran to K-Mart and picked up the huge Cybertron Starscream and a Cybertron Dark Scorponok, neither of which I really wanted but the sale made them more palatable.

Scorponok's a mediocre repaint of Energon Scorponok and unfortunately nothing to write home about. Hell... fans have done better repaints of the mold than Hasbro has done.

I'm guessing this is purely a "fill shelf space" figure since Energon Scorponok clogged shelves for many months last year.

Cybertron Starscream is not to be confused with the Starscream from the ToysRUs Exclusive 2-Pack I got the other day. This is the 13" one that is quite frankly too fucking big to be of any use. (I included the smaller one in the image above for reference.)

There's a reason that smaller action figures became popular in the 70s and the rare "larger than 6 inch" ones.

I know some people like 13" but it is just too much for me to handle. I've heard negative things about this figure so I don't expect him to do much other than stand there towering above my other figures.

Numbers in Collection: 1457-1458.

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How much did the SS cost witht he discount? The KMarts up here are typically about 20% higher than target or walmart to begin with.

"Some people like 13" but it is just too much for me to handle."

Best quote of the day.

I love Innuendo.

BTW, if you get around to putting batteries in him, he has sound/lights connected to arm movement like Vector Prime. They're lame.

In fact, about the only time I ever had sound effects in a TF make me go "oooh!" was when I noticed the button that makes Overload make the transforming noise. Mostly they're just a pain in the ass.

For my money, Overload is the TF with the best (and most logical) sound FX. Air Attack Optimus (big Beast Machines figure) is pretty cool too. The rest I can take or leave. Leave if it would drop the price.

I give props to Bulkhead for having both versions of the transforming noise.

Then I take those props away for his hyper annoying machine gun noise.

I've never even seen an Air Attack Primal up close, let alone heard its noise.

Air Attack Optimus Primal is da bomb.

I think it is one of the few TFs that Evebird hasn't sold.

Jeremy: He was $51 I think. He came down to $42.

Believe me. It was a pure guilt trip purchase.

I may take him back.

"But she's got a new hat!"

Just wanted to say "Hi" and add that I picked up Cybertron Starscream at Target yesterday near Chicago for $23 on clearance; they had about 7 of them. I love the huge size, esp. in jet mode.

Wish he had more substantial legs in robot mode, tho; they're all hollow in back. Love the planet key storage slots, all Cybertrons should have them. Love the rotating guns on the chest.

Gus: I wish I would have waited until he was on clearance. I'm kicking myself for paying so much.

Glad you like him. I'm a huge fan of the smaller version Takara released!

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