Botcon Ratchet roxxorz the ballz!

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Oh Botcon 2005 Exclusive Ratchet... you are demanding top dollar (in the $180+ range) on Ebay and on the message boards so many people dislike you. "Too white" they say. "Not enough other colors" they say.

Haters! All of them! Haters!

October 13, 2005 - Botcon Ratchet with G1 Ratchet PVC

I knew when Energon Tow-Line was released that eventually he would be redone as a Ratchet. I'm happy. Very happy.

You look so much more like your 1984 animation appearance. I'm happy Master Collector got Hasbro to create a new "accessory" for you that doubles as ambulance lights/sirens and I like your retooled head.

Let the haters hate. Me love you long time.

And you are so heads and tales above your original 1984 toy/robot form.

October 13, 2005 - Botcon Ratchet with G1 Ratchet

I still am amazed at what an eyesore you were back then.

Too bad Don Messick has passed away. He'll always make you sound like "you". But in lieu of Don Messick, I'll settle for for Tom Hardy being your new voice.


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