Ewww. He put the blood of Jesus on me because I watched Transformers?!?!

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Swiped for CrazySteve, who swiped it from someplace else.

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Wait...did he say at the end...that Transformers and Voltron are bondage?????

I mean, I'm sure there some people have some kinky things with TFs (Cosplay) but bondage? Nah, I don't think so. ;)

I don't buy that they hate the shows so much. I'll bet they had a ton of fun putting that segment together. These guys obviously watched a ton of episodes to compile those clips and look how they have a WHOLE TABLE of robots in front of them! Holy crap that's what it looked like when I went over to my cousins' house in 1985 to play Transformers! I don't understand why they needed to buy so many of those evil demonic robot toys. Just one action figure from Voltron or Transformers still in the package would have been sufficient for demonstration purposes, but they bought an assload and they opened them all! Damn that's the entire Voltron product line in front of them!

If Sony ever does rerelease the G1 series on DVD or whatever, I want them to track these guys down and get them to do a fan commentary track for every episode. It would be the greatest DVD extra ever.

what a fuckball!
Dion didn't die,he should shut up with is noobish: omg omg omg dion dead dion dead omg omg omg.

I wonder if slightly following Dante's description of hell if the number of Transformers you own decides the level of hell you actually go to...

In that case i think my collection of 200 odd is about the 8th level...

Nala has got to be going all the way to level 1...


Big Problem is that Dante counts downward. Frankly, the eighth circle, Malebolge ,is somewhere you don't want to be. And Nala's collection has him frozen in ice of Judecca, round four of Cocytus, possibly clutching the devil's nutsack.

(This post brought to you by the course "Heaven, Hell and Judgement" from my aborted college education.)

Frowny; Just looked at the moral topology of Dante's Inferno and you're right, level 8 is lower and closer to Lucifer than say level 1 (It's been a long time since i've read The Divine Comedy)...

I would say then that i would be on level 2, "the lustful" because i seriously lust after Nala's Victory Saber knowing full well i can't afford it...

I think my Lego Star Wars collection, as well as my 100 or so TFs, puts me around the 5th ot 6th level of Hell... That and the Harry Potter Lego too...



I'm getting very depressed right now. :-(

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